Lyla Sulaiman
Founder, Creative Director

Lyla is a brand consultant and designer. She has worked with big and small organizations and brands in her 18 years of career. Lyla particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs and developing brands from the ground up.

Growing up in an old house where her father grew up in Jakarta, as a child Lyla always finds old objects, books, knickknacks around the house that kept her curious and experimental.

Lyla is originally from Indonesia. and has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Doha, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing before moving to Shanghai where she has spent the past 14 years. When she is not drinking wine in the office while moving pixels, you can find Lyla wandering the oceans diving in South East Asia or yak-riding in the Tibetan Plateau. Lyla is fluent in Indonesian, English and Mandarin.